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Business service

“The health of your business is directly related to the health of your employees”

The benefits of reflexology and EFT in the work environment:

  • Reduces stress levels

  • Reduces sickness levels

  • Increases efficiency at work

  • Gives employees a positive message that their well-being matters.

  • Saves money (lower absenteeism; increased productivity)

  • Can help resolve existing health problems

  • As a preventative measure against sickness

  • Improves employer/employee morale

Rob Wood - MIFR; CP.AMT; Dip.couns

19 Belmont Road
St Andrews

Phone: 0117 9424 566
Mobile: 07812 113802
Email: Robwood19@gmail.com

To find out how EFT and Reflexology can bring real benefits to your business, please contact me to arrange a meeting. This can include a talk and demonstration of the effectiveness of these therapies.