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“I volunteered to abseil down the Avon Gorge, so needed help with my fear of heights. One session of EFT, and the ability to ‘top up’ when I felt the need, did the job extraordinarily well. On a few subsequent occasions I have done the ‘tapping’ when forced to look down from a height, and the stomach-churning feeling just went away.

I was sceptical, and still don’t understand why it works, but would recommend Rob plus EFT to anyone.”

~ Sue R. (Long Ashton, Bristol).

“I had a combination of Reflexology and EFT, and felt they worked very well together. (I felt) I was in safe hands and both treatments helped to ground me and made me feel better and more able to cope.”

~ Kate S. (Horfield, Bristol).

 “Reflexology; one of the most relaxing, yet energising treatments I have ever received.”

~ Carol R. (Bishopston, Bristol).

“Rob Wood helped me enormously regarding an anxiety provoking situation. He was skilful, thoughtful and insightful.

I was able to cope with a situation I was dreading with confidence and intelligence.”

~ Deborah C. (Clifton, Bristol). 

“Since seeing Rob, I’ve felt happier and less anxious. As acute anxiety has been a problem for me for years, it’s a great relief. The treatment I have is EFT.”

~ Judy W. (Henleaze, Bristol). 

“I have had Reflexology and EFT. I have found them both very beneficial.

The Reflexology was really helpful when I was pregnant to alleviate backache and heartburn. Also, with current back problems.

I have had EFT for my fear of spiders and walking over bridges with low barriers. It really is amazing how well it works. I thoroughly recommend both treatments, especially how comfortable Rob makes you feel. He is very caring and genuine.”

~ Cara B. (St. Andrews, Bristol). 

“I would highly recommend both Reflexology and EFT as they are non-medicated, non-invasive and holistic treatments. With Reflexology, Rob treated me for exam stress and extreme anxiety. It made a remarkable difference, not only to my calmer nerves during the exams, but I had a ‘clearer head’ too which other students noticed. I highly recommend reflexology for any sort of stress or anxiety. It’s amazing!

Furthermore, I have an immense phobia of snakes, and Rob and I intend to use EFT to come to terms with this childhood phobia. I have had a taster of EFT and I do strongly believe that too will work wonders. Rob’s healing hands do the trick every time!

Rob is an active and tentative listener when diagnosing my symptoms and will try his upmost to help me.

Without a doubt, Rob is the best in Bristol!!!”

~ Helen H. (Horfield, Bristol).  

“I was recommended to try EFT by a good friend. I initially was a bit of a ‘doubting Thomas’ but decided to give it a try as I was experiencing many personal and work pressures. My original goal was to focus on coping with an important job interview. However I found that working with Rob and learning how to use EFT, that it enabled me to identify and challenge suppressed hidden thoughts and feelings about myself. Following a number of sessions, I feel more able to address difficult issues, cope with stressful situations, and move on in my work and home life.

I now have used EFT on a number of occasions, and recommend Rob and EFT to colleagues, friends and family. It’s been a real life saver to me.”

~ Sue B. (Stoke Gifford, Bristol). 

“Rob worked a miracle for me. His wisdom with Reflexology changed my life, relieving me of severe physical pain. He is a man, who listens with understanding and care.

I thoroughly endorse the healing power of Reflexology as practised by Rob Wood.

I can never thank him enough for all that he has done for me.”

~ Annabel A. (Olveston, Nr. Bristol).