Business Opportunities

Business Opportunities I Offer

Get anything through me and you will get support for it from me if/when you need it. If you get stuck I will help you get unstuck. Need some help and I will do my best to give you that help. Need a pre-recorded or live demonstration on how to do something, yep, that too!

Marketing and Training Based Systems

The Six Figure Mentors / Digital Experts Academy

SFM - Unleash Your Entrepeneur - internet marketingPretty much the Rolls Royce of internet marketing training and so far the best system I have seen. The commissions can be very good if you want to promote the SFM but it’s about promoting anything on the internet. If you are committed, have some seed money and are prepared to make a real go of it then this is for you.

  • 30 day money back guarantee and a rolling monthly subscription.
  • Support - Generally excellent although much of it can be community based.
  • Get some free software, plugins etc. from the SFM near the bottom of this page.

Pure Leverage

Pure Leverage - internet marketingAnother very popular and quite self-contained internet marketing training system. It has the tools and the training so you can get going straight away. If it was a car it would be a BMW. It has a lower cost entry point and if you want to promote the system then the commission rates are lower than SFM’s but, it’s an network marketing commission model so there are good opportunities to build your commissions up.


  • 30 day money back guarantee and a rolling monthly subscription.
  • Support - Excellent so far.


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