How did I get to be in a band – part 1 – yeah, OK, let’s do it!

In a band

My friend John said “if you get a drum kit we’ll form a band” so I did and we formed a band.

Before I get going though I should say that this is the 70’s and I was a weekend hippie so sex drugs and rock and roll applies … that’s the way it was. As I started to write this I started to remember more stuff so now it’s not a potted history anymore, I’ll have to write it in more than one part, not sure how many yet. Some memories are a bit vague and I’m not sure of the chronological order of things any more. I recently found my old band diaries so I can probably sort most of the order of things out as I get time to do it. Anyway, we’ll see … join me on a journey … READ MORE

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