What The Examiner Thought Of The Digital Experts Academy (DEA)

Jessica N. Abraham

Digital Experts Academy is unleashed to provide “Newbies” with ultimate training

This is an article from Jessica Abraham of the Orlando Marketing Examiner published on June 17th 2013 RE: “www.examiner.com/article/digital-experts-academy-is-unleashed-to-provide-newbies-with-ultimate-training“.

This is my preamble to Jessica’s article …

I’m going to use the word “basically” … making money in ANY business is about marketing in some form or another. Some people just get good at marketing, some get lucky and some don’t get it at all. It doesn’t matter whether you go to a local business networking meeting, advertise in the local rag use word of mouth or advertise on the national networks. It boils down to telling people you and your stuff exist and that it’s worth having. The more people you tell and that believe or know your product is good the more of your product you are likely to sell. READ MORE

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