Big Brother Comes To Town

Big Brother Is Watching

An Unlikely Prompt

I wanted to write this article because of 2 internet related things that I spotted recently. The first is that the latest Google Maps has no obvious “Print” button, it is there but buried, and the second was this which is about what governments are trying to do with the internet. Mostly the US NSA in this case.

It’s not the first time I have mentioned this subject and the reason I do again is because what’s happening at the moment is still really quite disturbing. Big Brother is making his way to town not with a bang but with an insidious creep most of the time. The internet is a two edged sword and those that would abuse it are always a concern that we all need to keep in check. One day we may wake up and find that some of those nightmare films of the future are now the present. As it is some of the things that were science fiction only 20 or 30 years ago are real everyday things now so we can’t just ignore things. READ MORE

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Can We Deliver What We Expect?

Can We Deliver What We Expect

The Benefit Of Doubt

By nature I tend to give benefit of doubt. This annoys my wife who just thinks I’m always defending other people. I tend to say things like “well, maybe there was a good reason”, “Perhaps we should hear both sides of the story” or “everyone makes mistakes”. Sometimes she’s right and perhaps I see the best when it’s not always there but I prefer giving the benefit of doubt than damn everyone who makes a mistake.

Mind you, I can still burn someones ear off if I think they are taking the mickey. READ MORE

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