The Six Figure Mentors – What You Get – Lead Capture Pages 13

Six Figure Mentors - Join The New Rich

Six Figure Mentors – Lead Capture Pages 13

[Correct at time of writing – 17th March 2014]

If you are going to learn about Digital/Internet Marketing and/or earn money from promoting a training program then it’s a good idea to take a look and see what you are going to get.

This is the 13th Lead Capture Page* that I want to show you … “Join The New Rich”.

This is a variation on the previous Lead Capture Page, no. 12. It’s again simple and clean, the HD video is very clean looking and well filmed but smaller than the previous version. The displayed message is still money and life style which is the bottom line for many people. The video follows this up, adds that it’s not a get rich scheme and you will have to do some work. The biggest difference is the layout and colour scheme.

Click the image below or click HERE to see the real lead capture page.

Six Figure Mentors - Join The New Rich

*Lead Capture Pages (AKA Squeeze Pages) are the web pages used to capture peoples emails and sometimes other details so that they can be added to an email list where they will stay until a person unsubscribes (which they can do at anytime with the SFM). Many businesses and organisations use a Lead Capture of some sort even if it’s just a little sign up box on their web site or a tick box to receive emails when you buy something or sign up for a service.

You will have probably have seen similar pages before. These are good quality Lead Capture Pages that I hope reflect the the effort that we all put into the SFM.

If you would like to subscribe to the SFM then you can put your email address in the list below or click HERE to see the real page as above.

See the next Lead Capture Page post – NEXT.


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The Six Figure Mentors – What You Get – Lead Capture Pages 13

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