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Transparency / Gradient / Opaque / Opacity

You can overlay one image onto another so that the foreground image does not completely obscure the background. Here are a couple of ways this can be done.

One way is to discard the background so an image like a logo or a person can be overlaid onto whatever background or colour is required. PowerPoint slides and web pages are typical examples of where you might want to do this. In this example the logo has no background and overlays the grey lines without obscuring them. This is not really transparency but amounts to a similar effect. - transparency

You may want to see through a foreground image to the background image. This attribute is also known as opacity.

This example shows two images that are opaque in themselves and whilst one overlaps the other you can still see both.

Opacity Image

The video below explains how to remove a background easily and how to add a gradient of transparency (opacity) to two images overlaid. What you will learn is listed below the video.

What You Will Learn About Image Transparency

How to remove a background and how to add gradient transparency. This may sound a little complicated but in practice it’s fairly straightforward.

  • How to remove the background of an image contiguously or globally:
    • How to use the magic wand tool.
      • Contiguous removal of background.
      • Global removal of background.
    • Saving the image as a PNG file.
  • Add opacity to one or more layers of a composite image:
    • A brief explanation of layers.
    • Adding gradient colour.
    • Adding gradient opacity to the foreground image.
    • Adding gradient opacity to the background image.
    • Adding gradient opacity to the foreground and background images together.
    • Saving the image as a flattened image.

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Simple Tech Tips – Working With Images – Transparency

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