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Resize Canvas

Resizing The Image Canvas

Sometimes an image is just the wrong shape. There are two easy ways to deal with this, one is to crop the image and the other is to increase or change the canvas size.

Increasing or changing the canvas size is straightforward enough on images that have a uniform background but images with a variable background are not so easy. I will show you how to deal with filling in the new canvas area where the background is simple and some ideas on how to deal with more complex and variable backgrounds.

The video below explains how to resize an images canvas and work with the new canvas areas. What you will learn is listed below the video.

What You Will Learn About Resizing The Canvas

Changing or increasing the canvas will result in new areas of canvas around one or more sides of an existing image.

You will learn to resize the canvas with regard to the following:

  • Increase the canvas size uniformly.
  • Increase the canvas size offsetting it to one side.
  • Selecting the new canvas area by:
    • Selecting one or more areas using the select tool.
    • Selecting one or more areas using the magic wand tool.
  • Filling in the new canvas area:
    • Rubbing out an area.
    • With a pallet colour.
    • With a copied colour.
    • With a copied area.

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Simple Tech Tips – Working With Images – Resizing

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