Simple Tech Tips – Working With Images – Introduction

Working with images

Working With Images Can Be Easy!

You can do some very complex things with images but most of the time most people only need to apply simple changes to them. This series of articles will deal with those simple popular changes to images that will get you by in the majority of cases. Changes like cropping, resizing, etc.

You can use whatever image editing software you like but in this series I will be using because it’s free and easy to use. If you have used Adobe Photo Shop you will find familiar but lighter. uses less of your computers resources which makes it pleasant to use.

What’s Covered

I might add more to this as I go along but I will start off with the following. There will be one post for each bullet point to keep things down to bite size chunks.

Let’s start with getting and installing I’ll give you a short overview of it before we get started on the first exercise.

Get here:

Get Paint.NET!
Get here

Go to the first article – Simple Tech Tips – Working With Images – Cropping.

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Simple Tech Tips – Working With Images – Introduction

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