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Simple Ways To Crop An Image

Cropping is one of the most common things that people do to images.

The video below explains some simple and fairly basic cropping. What you will learn is also listed below the video.

I will explain more of the available cropping options and advanced features in a future article.

What You Will Learn About Cropping

What is Cropping? Cropping is the process of selecting one or more areas of an image and discarding the rest. For example, if you have an image of a cat and a mouse, you can select just the mouse and discard the rest of the image. Cropping usually reduces the size of an image as a consequence of selecting less than the whole image.

You will learn to select and crop the following:

  • Rectangles and squares by selecting:
    • A square or rectangle freely within the image.
    • A fixed ratio square or rectangle where the size of the square or rectangle may change but the ratio will stay the same e.g. 6:4.
    • A fixed size square or rectangle where the square or rectangle stays the same size but can be moved around the image.
  • Circles and ellipses.
  • Lasso an area by selecting from an origin point and defining an area by moving the cursor as in the example below.
  • Select multiple areas using one or more shapes within the same image.
Cropping - Lasso
Lasso an area

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Simple Tech Tips – Working With Images – Cropping

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