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Succumbing To Technical Things

I’m from a technical background, I spent 20 years in IT. I’m digital marketing now (internet marketing if you like) but my main strength is on the technical side of things so after some thought I have decided to succumb to it and make it my mission to try and explain technical things mostly related to Digital/Internet Marketing for the benefit of people who are not technical and in an easy to understand way without going into geekdom. That’s why I have re-branded as a “Digital Marketer With A Touch Of Tech”!

I know there are lots of other people doing this but generally I have had good feedback for the posts I have already done in this genre and information is often picked off randomly on the internet so it’s down to people that come across my stuff and whether they find it useful or not. In fact most of the comments I do get are related to my technical posts.

Some people fear computers and technical things like I fear a balance sheet. It’s not that I can’t understand them it’s just that I’m sooo not interested. Nevertheless it’s part of business.

For people that have to do some technical things as part of their business but are not interested … I understand! And so, I will try and explain technical things in a way that’s easy to understand by giving step by step instructions and/or demonstrating things using videos … simple Technical Training!

For all those that are technical and know everything already, you might scoff but you might also learn a thing or two that you didn’t know before, hey, I’m always learning, sometimes I learn technical things from non-technical people … because I just didn’t know about that something.

So, if you follow my blog there will be plenty of mildly technical posts on how to do things. They will often be quite random because they will be based on things I do and things that people ask me about. Things like using WordPress, making videos, simple HTML or how to configure something will be typical. Sometimes they might be resource based as I often come across useful websites or software.

You can sign up to my once a week list below if you want, if you are on this list you won’t get promotional emails unless I am personally recommending something and even then it will be a gentle promotion. You will get notified of my blog posts in my newsletter type broadcasts which I email out once or twice a week.

Don’t Panic, No Need To Get Confused

When I look at a new piece of software it’s often unfamiliar and because of that it looks confusing and difficult. But once you have worked with it for a while it be comes simpler and easier to use. We need to accept that “new” takes time to learn and approach it in a step by step manner.

Technical - Relax, don't panic
Relax, don’t panic

You don’t have to learn everything at once, you will just get overwhelmed. It will often be enough to just use something and learn what you need to learn to get the job done. You might have to struggle at first and maybe you won’t achieve what you need to do in the best or most efficient way but that’s not so important as long as you achieve what you want to achieve. Some things you may never get to really know as you may only need it to do certain things. If you need to learn something new about it later on then that’s the time to find out more about it.

So, relax, take your time and you will get there in the end.

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My Technical Mandate

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