What Is Facebook Edgerank And Why Is It Important?

Facebook Edgerank

[UPDATE: Facebook no longer use the Edgerank algorithm, a new article will explain how the new Facebook ranking system works soon.]

If your just using Facebook domestically then you probably don’t need to care about the Facebook EdgeRank Algorithm but if you are promoting anything in any way then you probably do!

EdgeRank is how Facebook decides what and where things are shown in Facebook news feeds. I’ll show you what you can do to improve your Edgerank after these next few explanatory paragraphs but it’s really straightforward unless you want to get right down into the detail.

For example a post from your brother who you engage with frequently will show up in front of a post from a person who you hardly know and haven’t engaged with for a year.

EdgeRank is Facebook’s way of showing you what it thinks is important to you.

An Edge is everything that happens in Facebook for example status updates, comments, likes, and shares to name a few.

Facebook measures EdgeRank by looking at Affinity, Weight, and Time Decay.

Affinity is just how much you engage with Facebook user. The more often you comment, like, message each other the more affinity there is and Facebook considers that the other users content is important to you.

Weight is something Facebook applies to the quality of the content so in simple terms a comment is worth more than a like because a comment requires more thought and effort than a simple like.

Time Decay is the age of an Edge, newer Edges’s take priority over older ones.

Facebook Edgerank

Improving Your EdgeRank

How can I improve my Edgerank you may ask, well, post more quality content and interact more. Instead of just liking something make a comment as well. Post more photos and videos as theĀ  order of ranking for post types is:

  1. Photos & Videos
  2. Links
  3. Text

Having said this a text post with lots of engagement will rank higher than a photo with little or no engagement.

Short amounts of text, say 100 to 250 characters generally get more engagement than longer posts.

Questions often get a lot more engagement especially ones that are a matter of opinion.

The time that you post will make a difference, post when your audience is more likely to be on Facebook.

In the end it comes down to frequent quality posting and engagement.

You can check your EdgeRank at www.edgerankchecker.com.

Automation With Post Planner

Post PlannerI use a Facebook App called Post Planner which is great for improving your EdgeRank by making your post management easy, fast and as required, automated. By posting a post that is important to your campaign at regular intervals you can keep the Time Decay value in your favor and by timing posts with some care you can get more engagement and keep the weight up. Some of the affinity will be down to you to interact and Post Planner is a fantastic fishing rod to catch that engagement in the first place. If you want to learn more about it and get a series of emails on using Facebook and post planner then just click any “Post Planner” in this paragraph.


What Is Facebook Edgerank And Why Is It Important?

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