Stuart Ross’s Shirt

Stuart Ross Shirt

Stuart Ross, the founder of the Six Figure Mentors, is excellent at many things and there is little to criticise from my point of view. Coming from me that’s quite good because I am quite outspoken sometimes and I don’t always care too much who I am outspoken to (sometimes I get in trouble for it). I just think it’s better in the long run to tell the truth. There is one thing I don’t like about Stuart Ross and that’s that shirt. I can never forgive that shirt, it should be burned … at a fashion show. What, what, you say you like it, nooo, I don’t believe you. You need new glasses.

Hey, but that’s all I don’t like, well … maybe some of Stuart Ross‘s haircuts are a bit dodgy but I don’t have that much hair on top so I had best shut up about that.

Tank Top
Hmmm … tasty

He has a nice house and a nice car though, and gets to travel about quite a bit. He’s quite good at training and internet marketing and how to make money online. He’s got some seriously useful mates too and that’s no joke.

Check out the slightly dodgy haircut and possibly suspect shirt here Oh, and you might start on a seriously awesome journey with lots of honesty and integrity … just ignore the shirt, which I am being honest about!

Not Stuart Ross

Someone I met with perfect dress sense I mean just look at the way the strong pink colour of the frock sets off the 5 o’clock stubble and the tattoo, looks great on a Harley Davidson too … lovely. Gosh, so many interesting people to meet 🙂

Lovely Dress Sense - not Stuart Ross
Lovely Dress Sense

Any seriousness in this post is purely coincidental and I apologise for it unreservedly. I also apologise about the blatant plug but it’s worth it … init’.


Stuart Ross‘s Shirt


  1. Not a lot I can comment on in this post. Maybe I could mention the fair-isle tank tops. Yep! I was around when these were fasionable. Just goes to show how fickle fashion is. Who cares about haircuts and shirts? It’s the man underneath we should be seeing. I don’t know the guy, but he looks good to these ‘mature’ eyes. 😉

    1. Hi Francene and thanks for your comments.

      Yes, I was around then too but I don’t think I ever owned a tank top, loons and flairs yes 🙂

      I agree with you and what you say is pretty much my point even if I’m getting to it in a roundabout sort of way; with a bit of humour I hope!

  2. Hi Stuart, I love this post – it gave me a right chuckle… (and actually I’m with you on the occasional dodgy haircut theme, but it’s the man that counts and he’s one of the nicest, if I can be excused for using that word!) Nicely done! 🙂

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