The Ingredients Needed To Make A Successful Online Entrepreneur

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This post is more of a compilation that I have pulled together from the musings and teachings of a lot of successful online entrepreneurs. After a while you start to notice a pattern of common traits. It’s not just about online entrepreneurs but any entrepreneur, athlete, musician or other successful person.

There’s a certain amount of “those that would lead” and “those that would follow” or if you like “I’m going to make a difference” or “I’m going to go with the flow” and it’s not cut and dried as we are often a mixture of different traits.

These are some of the ingredients that I think go to make up a successful online entrepreneur or any other type of entrepreneur. It doesn’t mean to say I can bake a good cake but I do know what ingredients are needed to make it ๐Ÿ™‚ Some of the ingredients I will interpret as mandatory and some optional. Nobody is perfect by any means and nobody can carry all of these things off all of the time.

Much of this is straightforward and probably obvious so for many perhaps this will just serve as a reminder.

A Healthy Mind

This comes more naturally for some than others but every single successful person has a healthy mindset whether they know it or not so this I think is a mandatory attribute. So important is the right mind set that many successful online entrepreneurs go on about it incessantly, sometimes to the point where you might want to scream “change the record” but truly it is important.

Many refer to the law of attraction which is essentially about belief in yourself and about reaping what you sow. Believe in yourself and be good. Every major religion talks about this, businesses talk about this, it’s all over the place with different names and varied perspectives but comes to the same thing.

Hand in hand with this is a positive mind. Negativity and constant complaining is not going to get you as far as positivity and taking responsibility for that which you can be credibly responsible for. Life has it’s ups and downs it’s up to you which perspective you want to take.

A Healthy Body

This is not mandatory but it helps a lot. If you are unfit and feel terrible then your’ not going to think straight, you’ll probably be slower and more lethargic. The brain controls the body and the body feeds the brain. I know some people don’t seem to need to do much exercise to stay sharp and have boundless energy but most of us will have to put some effort into it. Being an Online Entrepreneur can mean a lot of sitting down so you really should try and ensure you get enough exercise.

Here’s a few tips, nothing new but true nonetheless:

  • Drink a glass of water as soon as you get up as you will probably be a little dehydrated after a nights sleep. Make sure you stay hydrated throughout the day. Dehydration slows you down and creeps up without you noticing.
  • Exercise regularly. This is not about being super fit but about being healthy a brisk walk, a run, a swim, some cycling etc. every day or two. Get into the habit.
  • You can’t run on garbage. You can’t run a top end Mercedes on tractor fuel and expect it to run well. It’s the same with your body so try and keep a fairly healthy diet, food feeds your body and your brain after all.


I think this one is mandatory. Not always easy to do but staying focused means you can put the time and effort in needed to become a success at something. For example, if you want Online Entrepreneurto become a great tennis player then you need to practice a lot and learn a lot about Tennis. Pick a very small list of things to concentrate on at a time and stay on them. If you flit from one thing to another constantly and spread yourself too thin then nothing ever really gets done.

Not focusing is something many of us are guilty of (me too) and is something that has completely changed peoples live once they became focused.

Online Entrepreneur’s certainly need to stay focused as much as possible.

Form Good Habits

I think this one is mandatory too. We all have habits but not always good ones. You can look at what you do and stop doing those things that just waste your time and produce nothing. It’s not easy to take on new habits especially if you’re entrenched and too comfortable with your old habits, it’s a case of “if you change nothing then nothing changes”. For example, perhaps you spend too much time perusing Facebook for amusement, it’s amazing how much time can be lost here. If you don’t need to be on it then shut it down or if you use it in a work related way then make sure you are using it constructively and not being distracted all the time.

It takes around 30 days to form a new good habit so expect to work at it up to then. It’s usually easy to start with but gets harder for a while after about 10 days.Form Good Habits

A Mentor

Maybe you don’t need a mentor but a lot of successful online entrepreneurs and otherwise do have a mentor. You can pay a lot of money for a good mentor if that mentor is successful and helps you one2one.

My mentor is The Six Figure Mentors and because I am a gold member I get a certain amount of one2one mentoring as well as all the other training and group mentoring. Does it help? With a mentor I have someone looking over my shoulder and helping to make sure I am on the right track. If you are accountable to no-one then it’s harder to stay focused and easier to procrastinate. I also have someone to bounce ideas off of and to stimulate me into thinking about and taking action in areas I might not have thought of myself. They can also help to spot where you are making mistakes and help you resolve them. The list goes on. Invaluable really.

Have A Strategy

What are you going to market, who are you going to market to and how are you going to do it?

Nobody can do everything so it’s better to have a strategy to focus on. It’s like having a business plan. Some business plans can be so big that they take weeks to write and then they are so big that it’s hard to keep track of what’s in them. It’s not necessary to go this far but a game plan will help you keep on track so you know where you are going, what your goals are and how you are going to get there.

You can’t use every marketing method so pick two or three and become good at those. Not all promotions work so have a plan to work through different ideas until you discover the promotions that are successful for you.

Get A System

All good businesses have a system, usually several in fact. This constitutes efficient ways of doing things. If you do everything manually and randomly then it’s going to take a long time to do things. So for example, every time you write a blog and distribute it, distribute to your destinations in an efficient order or better still, automate as much as you can. When you write a blog use templates. Use templates where you can.

Use a management system to order and prioritise what you do. Maybe use Outlook Calendar and tasks or Google calendar and tasks which is more flexible if simpler. Better still you could use a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system such as ACT! or or Insightly.


It’s so easy to give up especially when you don’t seem to be making progress or others are not supporting you. Online Entrepreneur’s that “make it” have the determination and perseverance to keep going until they achieve their goals. You might need to fail forwards many times before success comes your way. You might need to keep trying different things if it becomes obvious that what you are currently doing isn’t working but keep trying, keep learning. Unless you are very lucky you will need to apply yourself and you will need belief in yourself. Many very successful people failed several times, sometimes catastrophically, before they succeeded.

Here are some examples of people who initially failed so take heart – 15 People Who Failed Before Becoming Famous


Nobody can do everything. Depending on your time, ability and resources you can outsource some of your tasks. There are lots of low cost options these days as people outsource to the Philippines, Eastern Europe, India and a few other places where the workforce is educated but the cost of living is lower relative to ours. Tasks that you are not so good at can often be done for as little as $5 at sites like

Here’s a few more outsourcing web sites:

My Main Source Of Knowledge

So, where did I Learn this? Some of it is just the university of life and some of it I have learnt off of other internet marketers, inspirational writers and others but a lot of it I learnt from Stuart Ross, Jay Kubassek and the team at The Six Figure Mentors.


The Ingredients Needed To Make A Successful Online Entrepreneur


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