1. Hello Stuart,

    thank you for the post, which I find very useful for me. This is a probably the handy and clear presentation and the best review of the Post Planner I could find so far. I was thinking of starting to use a Post Planner but wasn’t sure about its benefits and how it actually worked. Your post helped me greatly making a final decision. Post Planner is a must-have tool!! 🙂 Thanks.

  2. Hello Stuart,
    If I am running a simple blog which includes recipes, self improvement tips or parenting issues. So can I post to 500 groups every day with a new blog post that I upload? I don’t understand that what issues lead to facebook slapping?

  3. Hi Somaira

    Facebook can be a bit funny peculiar sometimes. Their moderation can be inconsistent as well so you’re never quite sure what they are going to object to. If they don’t like your content, someone complains or you are too aggressive they can warn you, suspend you or even shutdown your account. Having said that they seem to have lightened up lately.

    I doubt that Facebook will object to your content so I think it’s just about posting appropriately. If you posted the same post 50 times a day to 500 groups I think they would object to that. If you posted 5 or 10 different posts a day to 500 groups I don’t think that would cause a problem. Similarly if you posted the same post once every few days that should be fine.

    It’s like Facebook want the business but are a bit afraid of it sometimes.

    Try https://www.facebook.com/page_guidelines.php and https://www.facebook.com/legal/terms also try Googling “facebook content guidelines” or “facebook guidelines”.

    Personally I haven’t had much trouble with them. The last time they suspended me from posting for two days was when I put out a single post to raise money for a well known charity which was part of a national campaign. It didn’t make any sense.

    I’ve had a look at your site at http://www.letsshareknowledge.com, I don’t think you will have any problems with your content there 🙂

    Best Regards

  4. hey stuart Im still getting the error which will not allow me to post pics on post planner, is there something that I should do or don’t know that you could possibly help me with? thanks in advance big guy

    1. Hi Cleveland

      Yes, it’s an issue that you can’t post photos to groups at the moment. This is a Facebook restriction with apps. FB did allow it for a while and Post Planner put it into the app but Post Planner users and probably users of other apps went crazy posting pictures everywhere so FB withdrew this functionality from apps again and PP had to put in the error message. Personally I don’t think this as being much different to posting a link that brings up a picture but it’s down to FB and the way that they do things. What FB will do in the future I don’t know.

      There is a sort of work around but it requires a little bit of work. If you have a blog like WordPress, blogger or any web site where you can create a page with an image on it then you can link to that. Using WordPress as an example, you can create a post with an image on it and maybe some links and include that as the first link in a post. That will let you pick your desired image and if they click the link to it they will go to a page with links to your desired destination. You could even create a separate site just for this purpose if you wanted to. You can do this with just the media in WordPress, for example – http://workwithstuartchalmers.com/wp/products/rocket-responder-300×250. Each image you load into WordPress actually creates a new page so this works well and is probably good for your sites SEO. If you don’t use WordPress then you can do it with simple web pages that stand alone if you like. Not perfect but worth it if you are doing a campaign.

      If this is not the right explanation for the problem you are getting or is not clear, please Skype or email me, details below or on my contacts page at http://workwithstuartchalmers.com/wp/contact.

      Stuart 🙂

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