Simple Solo Ads – Part 2 – Swap’s And Update

Swap’s And Update

Click Swap

Scary Huh! Or maybe not, perhaps you have fond memories for Noel Edmonds Swap Shop (an old UK TV show). Anyway, it was the best I could do 🙂

This is not about Swap Shop. It’s a “Simple Solo Ads” update and I will talk about swapping, click swapping. It doesn’t matter if you are new at internet marketing or have been around for a while, swapping is a great way to increase the size of your list. It doesn’t normally cost any money but it will take up a little bit of time. You can bank clicks as well. I will of course explain 🙂

If you haven’t read it or can’t remember it you might like to read Simple Solo Ads – Part 1 first.

Now my list is getting bigger

Once your list gets to a reasonable size, for arguments sake, ~500 subscribers, you can start to leverage it.

Of course you might not want to send out other peoples offers to your list in which case that’s OK, don’t swap clicks with others. I know I felt squeamish about my list at first and thought “no, my precious list, I don’t want to ruin it 🙁“. Well, my list is not as precious as all that and the number of unsubscribes did not go up a significant amount.  Maybe by emailing out more frequently a few more did unsubscribe but I always gained far more than I lost and anyway, there’s no point hanging onto subscribers that are not interested in your offers etc.

How often you should email out to your list is up to you. Some people email out 5 or 6 times a day with multiple One Time Offers (OTO’s) and push their list hard. If you do this then you will lose a lot of subscribers but you will still probably gain more. The responsiveness of your list will probably go down as well and it becomes a case of the sheer number of subscribers you get versus the quality of the list. I suggest that once a day is fine, maybe twice a day. Perhaps you would be more comfortable sending out three or four times a week. You can start with less and work up to what you finally feel comfortable with.

Swapping is simple. You find someone who will send your offer to their list and you send their offer to yours. You check each others offers out and you can refuse the swap if you don’t like their offer and vice versa. You can each supply your swipes which you can each amend if you want to or write your own. A swipe by the way, is just the email that gets sent to a list.

How many clicks to swap

If your list is at ~500 subscribers then you can probably generate something in the region of 10 to 20 clicks but as it gets bigger the number of clicks you can generate gets bigger too. ~1,000 subscribers might reliably generate around 50 clicks for example. This means you need to find people to swap with that have a similar number of subscribers or are happy to swap small numbers of clicks.

Give or take some clicks you need to approximately equal each others clicks.

Banking clicks

Another thing you can do is bank clicks with another solo list owner. You simply send their offer out every now and then and in different ways and save up the clicks with them until you get to say 50 or 100 clicks, then ask for the same number back. You will both need to keep track of the clicks and work out any discrepancies between trackers although a few clicks difference won’t be much of an issue.

Swap partners

You might find a swap partner where you can plug in each others offers into one or more of your sales funnels starting on an agreed day. You might set it up to go out somewhere between day 3 and 7. In this way each new subscriber you get will see your swap partners offer as well.

Hey, where I can I go to do this?

There are internet sites that facilitate swap’s, banking and solo ads such as the following:

Skype Chatrooms

I personally like Skype chat rooms / groups for swapping and banking. You will need to be invited onto these and I think the best way to do this is to talk solo list owners that you buy clicks from and once you have gained some trust with them, ask them if they know of any solo add chat rooms and if they do, would they be willing to invite you into one. Once you are in your first chat room you can ask the people there about others.

The people in the chat rooms sort of self police the chat room. Any untoward behaviour is soon put to rest and the chat room owner has veto over comments and members.

Updates to Simple Solo Ads – Part 1

How much does it cost to run a solo ad?

I have updated this section as I have found sources that will supply some clicks for less.

Remember, these are approximate prices, some will charge less or more.

No. of clicks Cost in $ Note
100 $40 to $75 I go for 100 clicks when I’m trying someone out.
250 $75 to $175  
500 $150 to $250  
1,000 $300 to $500 You probably want to be confident here.

Solo list owners

Here’s an updated list of some solo list owners.  I haven’t checked them all out.  Some of them are from Reed Floren’s list which has some reviews, useful –, some I obtained from a list on the Six Figure Mentors back office, another great source and some I found myself. There are lots more and I will continue to update this list from time to time.

I have highlighted the new additions in bold.

Solo list owner Skype Name Email address
Abel Chua abel-chua
Alex Fields redpointprofits
Andre Stoelinga
Andrea Smith-Fulton drea_1977
Ashley Gough ashley.gough
Atheer Fendi atheer.fendi
Beatrice Brown bubbly40
Bilaal Hussain bilaal1236
Brocha Weiss layala18
Ryan and Bryan bnic3th3ph3 m  
Cal Champlin cal.champlin
Chris Jenkins    
Colin Meunier colinmeunier
Colm Wynne cwynnes
Craig Raphael craig.raphael
Dean Miles dean.miles3
Denise Johnson denisedawn71
Emilis Strimaitis ne_sejp_sau
Frank Dang frankdang07
Gabriel J jibril2400
Gary Baker garybaker68
Gary Lewis gary_llewis
Gedas gedasbiz
Heimir Finnson    
Holly Sutton    
Igor Kheifets igor.kheifets
Ivan Rendulic rendulicivan
James Neal superhotslugz
Jayson Benoit jaybe it
John Paul Richards John.Paul.Richards
Joni Leung jhon11313  
JT Martin onlineventures
Keith Hyatt Keith-hyatt  
Kenneth Kraakstad
Kevin Fahey kevinfahey535
Lyfe Lyte
Mark Gurney mark.gurney2
Mark Lyford
Marius Stefan    
Miranda Hyatt    
Nataliya Piterova    
Phil Springer im.empowered
Phillip P. Brewer    
Randy Koehler    
Rodger Hyatt atuche66  
Sean Storey sean.james7
Thomas Burke
Vicki Nguyen
Vince Craine    
Vincent Inter    
Yuhu d’ Ventura yuhu6969

Also see Simple Solo Ads – Part 1


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Simple Solo Ads – Part 2 – Swap‘s And Update

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