HTML or text emails, which is best, your opinion?

HTML or text emails, hey let's ask this dude!

This is a question really.

There are lots of pros and cons about sending and receiving emails in text or HTML format.

Plain and simple text doesn’t get picked up by spam filters so much and is much easier to read on mobile phones etc.  It’s much more to the point but clearly it’s not as pretty as HTML.  HTML gives you a much nicer presentation with pictures, videos and other things that you can put in them.  In the end the content you actually need most of the time is pretty much the same.

I like HTML emails mostly myself but what would you rather receive, simple plain text emails or HTML emails with pictures and all the fancy formatting that goes with it, let me know your preferences?

HTML email

Text email


Thanks for reading this far.

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End – HTML or text emails, which is best, your opinion?

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