10 Things I like about the Six Figure Mentors

10 Things I like about the Six Figure Mentors

There are loads of “how to make it on the internet” websites and systems out there.  Some of them are just giving you information, some of them give you a system and some include tools to help you on your way, some of them are good, some of them are average and no doubt some of them are probably rubbish.

Why pick one over the other … why did I pick the Six Figure Mentors?

I had already looked at some few of these systems but to be honest I took interest in the Six Figure Mentors because it was recommended to me by someone I trusted and by someone who had already spent some time and money looking at various systems.  That isn’t to say I signed up straight away, I looked into it and watched quite a few videos, read some reports and checked out what other people on the internet had to say about it.  I checked for scams and complaints, apart from the odd malcontent the overwhelming majority of people including those in the know gave it an excellent review.  Overall I was impressed and had no doubts so I signed up, and it has so far been a really good decision.

So, from where I am now this is what I think is good about the Six Figure Mentors!

  1. Good intention – It is important that the people behind the Six Figure Mentors believe in it, continually work at improving it, support its members and genuinely want to help them.  I can safely tick this box!
  2. Quality of training – I’ll be straight with you, not every item of training is going to get the full 10 points but most of it does and it improves continually with the help of peoples feedback.
  3. On-going training – There are training webinars every week and Q&A calls several times a week to help people with any issues or questions they have.
  4. Community – There is an online community with interaction going on much of the time.  It’s a good place to catch up with other people, ask your piers how they solved any issues, how they are getting on or just chat sometimes.
  5. Tools to do the job – There are tools in the system that enable you to create the right type of blogs, landing / squeeze pages with templates to choose from, all with step by step instructions on how to use theme.  There are lists of resources you can use and videos on how to use many of them.
  6. Market whilst learning – You can promote and sell the Six Figure Mentors system whilst you are learning and the Six Figure Mentors is the example used to explain many techniques but it is not a promote the Six Figure Mentors club.  You are encouraged right from the start to find other products to market and where to look for them.  Some are used in the Six Figure Mentors, you can promote these or you can find your own from other sources.  You can of course  create your own products or work with other people on a product.
  7. The next level up – Once you have found your feet you can join the “Elite” level subscription where you get more in-depth mentoring and learn about more advanced techniques.
  8. No tie up – The Six Figure Mentors is on a monthly subscription so if you decide it’s not for you, then you can leave at any time.  I like this because I believe that if something you are offered stands up then you don’t need to be tied into a term, if its good you will want to stay.
  9. Argghhh … I’m not a techy – One of the things that scares many people is when it gets technical.  The Six Figure Mentors is low on technical but there is some, after all, it is the internet.  Sometimes things go wrong whatever software or system you use.  Fear not dear reader, if the community don’t have the answer to any technical issue the technical support system is great and quick to respond.
  10. Success – Last but not least the founders of Six Figure Mentors are successful and positive in their outlook.  If you want to be a success then you need to follow someone that has already been there.

If you have read this far and you like what you see then why not sign up on the right, it’s free to find out and then you can start to see for yourself …

How am I doing, care to comment?

Six Figure Mentors


10 Things I like about the Six Figure Mentors


  1. Hiya Stuart, good post my man, The SFM is amazing value for money and can enormously speed up success time as you are learning from the best, the guys who have been there and done it!

    All the best,

    Rob Jones

  2. Great review of The Six Figure Mentors Stuart. Good to be apart of an amazing community of like minded people.
    Andy Gelder

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