Useful stuff for making videos and a bit more (some free)



As videos are clearly flavour of the month at the moment I thought I would list out some of the useful tools etc. that I have gathered up recently.  It’s not everything, not by any stretch of the imagination but useful nonetheless I hope.  All links were good at the time of writing.  The list is not tooooo long but it took a while to put together so I hope you like it.  Some of them are free.  Here we go …

Note: It’s July 2012, the information below was/is up to date at the time of writing.



  • Animoto– Free – Create slide shows from images with music.  The free version lets you make 30 second slide shows but you can subscribe from $19 a month if you want to do more.
  • Internet Archive– Free – Public domain video archive for your perusal.  Videos can be downloaded.
  • Linked Tube– Free – Allows you to add clickable external links to Youtube videos.
  • Screencast– Free – A great way of managing and sharing your video content online.  You can control access to it and maintain privacy.
  • ScreenR– Free – This will let you record whatever you are doing in an area of your screen.  You can add audio as well so can speak over what you are doing.  The free version lets you record 5 minutes worth but you can subscribe from £2.50 a month if you want to do more.
  • Video to MP3– Free – Extract the audio part of a video in mp3 format.
  • Vtube Tools– Free – Allows you to configure more options for the embedded Youtube code.

Not Free

  • Tube Tool Box– Not Free – Get more Youtube subscribers without infringing Youtube rules. Automatically send friend requests and auto-subscribe to others channels.  Trial $1 for 1 week.  From $9.95 a month + $19.95 one off activation fee.

To download


  • Format Factory– Free – Used to convert one file format to another, for example if you have a .AVI file and want to convert it to a .MOV file this will do it.  There are lots of settings if you want to go beyond the defaults.  There are lots of formats both audio and video.
  • Jing– Free – Combines the functionality of programs like ScreenR and screen capture.  It allows you to store and manage what you capture or record.
  • Real Player downloader– Free – This allows you to download videos onto your computer from Youtube and other video platforms.  Really useful but remember to observe the copyrights where applicable.
  • Record Skype video calls and sessions– Free – There are various programs that will do this, here is one with a free version:
  • Screen Capture– Free – Windows 7 comes with a Snipping tool which will allow you to capture all or part of what’s on your computer screen.  You can also use the “PrintScrn” key to capture the whole of your computer screen or “Alt^PrintScrn” to capture your current window, the image will go to your clipboard so use Ctrl^V to paste it to Powerpoint, Word etc.  If you don’t have this facility there are loads of free screen capture programs you can download.  The one I use on XP and Vista is “Quick Screen Capture”.
  • Windows Live Movie Maker– Free – Edit your videos and save them in different formats.

Not Free

  • Final cut – Not free – The full wang doody (whatever that means) of a movie editing program for Mac’s, capable of producing cinema quality output (and has been used for some major films – see
  • Microsoft Powerpoint(2010 at least) – Not Free – Part of Microsoft Office, if you have it then did you know you can save presentations as .wmv files and then load them onto Youtube if you want to?  Not all presentations will save as movies, ones with videos embedded in them already didn’t work when I tried it and I guess that is a bit much to ask for.  You can add audio to Powerpoint slides and can talk over them.
  • Record Skype video calls and sessions– Not Free – There are various programs that will do this, here are a couple:
  • Screenflow– Not Free – FOR MAC’s – You can download a free trial.  This is a little like ScreenR, it will capture screen content and allow you to add audio.  It has more options than ScreenR and is more sophisticated.
  • Sony Vegas – Not Free – More fabulous movie editing software from Sony.  Not MAC specific.


Video cameras

I have a Panasonic Lumix FX 40 stills camera which is a few years old.  It takes HD video as well and does a fine job.  I suspect that most modern cameras will do a good job and even some smart phones.  Here’s some that people have recommended.


There are loads and loads of these so I’ll just pick two mid-priced popular ones

Various Youtube tools – Various tools – I haven’t really looked at these yet, please explore!

  • One True Media video creation and editing – One True Media, simply powerful video creation. Robust, fast and easy video editing with real-time preview. Clip video and combine it with photos, transitions, effects, tex…by SpotMixerCreate Video
  • Stupeflix Video Maker – Tell a story with your digital content. Mix photos, videos, maps, text, music and watch Stupeflix produce a stunning video in a few seconds. It’s easy and free to try: we g…by stupeflixCreate Video
  • Magisto – Video Editing In a Click! – Magisto will analyze and understand your video, select the best parts and make it look amazing on YouTube!by MagistoCreate Video
  • YouTube Video Editor – The YouTube Video editor lets you make quick edits to your uploaded YouTube videos. You can combine multiple clips, incorporate Creative Commons footage, enhance your clip…by YouTubeCreate Video
  • Vlix – video effects and text – Create great videos by applying video effects and adding text. Select from a variety of effects – fix effects, time altering effects, artistic effects and fun video borders…by VlixVideoCreate Video
  • Xtranormal Movie Maker – Xtranormal lets you to turn anything you type into a fully-animated CG movie. Set up your scene, type in your script, and animate it instantly. Easily share something funny…by XtranormalCreate Video
  • Vibop – Vibop makes your videos shine with just a few clicks. Add an animated intro, a vintage filter, a cartoon look, a silent movie theme, and dozens of other effects. Brighten d…by VibopCreate Video
  • GoAnimate – GoAnimate is a fun app that lets you make animated videos, for free, in just 10 minutes, without having to draw. You can even create your own cast of characters. There ar…by GoAnimateCreate Video
  • WeVideo – WeVideo is a cloud-based video editing platform. Edit movies in your browser, with media files from any device. Combine clips with music, effects, titles, transitions, anim…by WeVideoCreate Video

How am I doing, care to comment?


Thanks for reading this far.

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Useful stuff for making videos and a bit more (some free)


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    Great post! I am sure this will help MANY people!
    Thanks for taking the time to do this!
    Brenda Campbell

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