Not every day the sun shines and I’ve been “captcha”d

Just a reflection of how thing can go, it’s that frustrating day that you get sometimes.  In the great scheme of things I guess it’s like an ant nibbling at an elephants foot so I don’t think it’s going make me cry or anything but all the same:-)

Anyway, today and part of yesterday was a bit frustrating because some of the blogs and forums I tried to register with just would not co-operate.  They either gave me errors trying to register which stopped me dead, would not send me the verification email, on one I couldn’t figure out the answer to their random question (it was easy in the end, I’m just a dummy:-() or I couldn’t put in the captcha letters and digits correctly.  I’m over it now I think but it doesn’t half slow you down.  Anyway I’ve managed to sort them all out now.  I wonder if that means tomorrow is going to go really well!?


I don’t know if anyone else has difficulty readingcaptcha” but I do, the most common ones give me the most trouble too.  It’s the way the letters are squashed together, partially covered over or is that an “N” or “Z” that’s leaning over at a 45 degree angle.  Sometimes the writing is so elaborate and squished up that I can’t figure out what the letters or numbers are.  Anyway, some of them drive me nuts and I have to refresh them several times.  I am starting to wonder if some of them are there to stop everyone signing up to something full stop.  I know what captcha is for and I agree with it, but it’s just too hard sometimes.

Here are some example, some good, some not so good, I’ve seen worse.

Captcha hell or heaven

Now, I bet I’m not on my own here so who else has trouble with captcha images, do you?

I just Google’d to see who else has problems and I am definitely not alone!

Well, that’s a moan done and dusted, I think I’ll carry on now …

How am I doing, care to comment?


Thanks for reading this far.

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Not every day the sun shines and I’ve been “captcha”d

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