How I make my videos


A few people commented on the quality of my first video so I thought I would tell you what I used to make videos which is really simple.

I don’t have a web cam at the moment because my old web cams don’t work with Windows 7 which I use now. I use a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX40 digital camera which we bought a few years ago for £99.  It takes 12mpx photos and HD videos.  It’s nothing fancy.  It sits on a small tripod and I use the angle poise lamp that sits on my desk for lighting.  It produces .MOV files which are too big to upload to Youtube really so I convert them to .WMV videos which are smaller using Windows Movie Maker which is free. You could use FormatFactory or whatever you like.  I use default settings, I don’t do anything clever!

Hope that’s useful in some way!

Also see – Useful stuff for making videos and a bit more (some free)

How am I doing, care to comment?


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End – How I make my videos

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